A Contribution To Critical Raw Materials Recycling

The CEWASTE project aimed at contributing to an improved recovery of valuable and critical raw materials (CRMs) from key types of waste through traceable and sustainable treatment processes in the entire supply chain of secondary raw materials. In this context, the project developed, validated and launched a voluntary certification scheme for collectiontransport and treatment facilities of waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and end-of-life vehicles. The scheme was piloted at companies in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland as well as Colombia, Rwanda and Turkey.

DURATION: 2018 – 2021

SCOPE: Global

FOCUS AREA: Resource Circularity, Resource Recovery

FUNDED BY: European Union Horizon 2020 Programme

Final Recommendations

Legislation should require recovery of specific CRMs

Market incentives should stimulate the use of secondary CMRs in new products

More targeted investments in R&D of new technologies

Platforms where demand for recycled components, materials and CMRs meet supply should be promoted

Actors involved in the collection of e-waste should raise awareness of the importance of recycling of CRMs

Financial and fiscal incentives should be used to spur the economic viability of recovery CRMs and using secondary CRMs

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