ETC Circular Economy and Resource

Developing The Knowledge Base For Accelerating The Transition To A Circular Economy

European Topic Centres (ETC) are centres of thematic expertise designated by the European Environment Agency (EEA) with the aim of facilitating the provision of data, information and knowledge, and deliver reports and other services to the EEA and its network EIONET.

The ETC on Circular Economy and Resource Use is aimed at further developing the evidence base for transitioning to a circular economy, taking into account also wider green economy considerations by looking at impacts of resource use on human health and wellbeing. The consortium, formed by 13 European organisations and led by VITO, will operate under a framework partnership agreement for the period 2022 -2026.

DURATION: 2022 – 2025

SCOPE: Europe

FOCUS AREA: Resource Circularity, Resource Recovery

FUNDED BY: European Environment Agency

Thematic Areas

Key-product supply chains

Resource use





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